We specialize in personal income tax return preparation.  We'll analyze your current situation and determine if you qualify for any credits.  We handle the following types of returns:

  • Personal (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ)

  • Waged Employee (W-2)

  • Self-Employed (1099-MISC)

  • Single Family Home (Schedule A)

  • Multi-Family Home (Schedule D)

  • Earned Income Credit (Sch EIC)

  • Child Tax Credit

  • Additional Child Tax Credit

  • Education Credits

  • Daycare Credits

  • Retirement Distributions (1099-R)

You choose how to receive your refund.  Want to receive your refund by paper check?  No problem!  Want want it faster via direct deposit?  Never an additional charge!

Want all preparation fees deducted from your refund?  We offer a bank product at competitive rates that will allow you to get your money fast without paying any money to us out-of-pocket at a REASONABLE cost!  Not the hundreds of dollars that your probably paying your current preparer!

Call us at (401) 461-4660 to schedule an appointment.